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Popular size cookies

Custom cookies are priced by the dozen, with exception for Holiday cookie ( Easter, Christmas, Fall, etc.),

and gift sets. Final cookie pricing depends on cookie shapes and design complexity. Below prices are a starting base for each tier price.




     Basic - $40/ Dozen

     Up to 3 color options

     Simple cookie shapes, minimal piping details, 

       up to 3 basic shapes/designs per dozen

     *No writing

     Cookies range between 3.5 and 4 inches. 

     Cookie width is 5/16".

     Minimum of 2 dozen per custom order.

     *Name(s) on cookies - additional $6 per dozen













Basic Plus -   $46/ Dozen


Up to 4 color options

Up to 4 shapes/designs per dozen,

Basic piping combination; basic, minimal writing (Ex: name)

Cookies range between 3.5 and 4 inches.

Cookie width is 5/16".

Minimum of 2 dozen per custom order.












     Elaborate - $50/Dozen


     2-6 color options

     Up to 5 shapes/designs per dozen

    Detail piping, moderate hand painted images, characters,     

    minimal writing.

    Cookies range between measure 3.5 and 4 inches. 

    Cookie width is 5/16".

    Minimum of 2 dozen per custom order












Elaborate Plus   $55/Dozen


2 - 6 colors

Up to 6 shapes/designs per dozen

Elaborate piping and details, metallic colors,

hand-painted designs, piped/painted logos, detailed characters, more writing.

Cookies range between 3.5 and 4 inches.

Cookie width is 5/16".

Minimum of 2 dozen per custom order 



Mini Cookies 



Up to 3 colors 

Up to 2 designs 

Cookies measure 2 inches. 



Up to 4 colors

Up to 4 designs

Cookies measure 2 inches.


These are popular to give as gifts.

Not all cookie cutters are available in mini size; please contact me to see if I have the shape you need.

Minimum of 2 dozen per custom order.



Single Swirl Frosting

$30 per dozen

Double Swirl Frosting

$35 per dozen

Company Terms: Payments,  Deposits, Cancellations, Refunds,  Important Details

  • ~Payment for Custom Orders: A 50% deposit is required at the time order is placed (when planning your event...keep in mind that finalizing details may take up to five days). Deposit secures availability on my calendar and for your special event! YAY! Remaining fee is due 48 hours prior to Pick-up date. A friendly reminder will be sent to you. Custom orders placed less than two weeks in advance (if calendar allows), require full payment up front. 

  • ~Order ConfirmationsYour order is confirmed (and placed on calendar : ) only after payment/deposit is received. If I don’t receive your payment/deposit within 24 hours once Invoice has been sent, your date on calendar may be filled by a waiting customer.

  • ~Seasonal Orders: Payment for all Seasonal Orders is due up front. Holidays are wonderful and also, oh, so busy!! Payment up front assures customers of availability and me, the Baker (baking, baking, decorating, and piping, piping – LOL!) will be compensated for my work! Everyone’s happy – Woo Hoo!

  • ~Pick Up Dates and Times: Pick Up times are set upon ordering. This is because other customers need their cookie fix, also! We will work to accommodate most schedules – so put that pickup in your calendar! 

  • ~Refunds: Deposit refunds can only be made if the order is cancelled 2 weeks prior to Pick-up date. If order is cancelled less than 2 weeks from Pick-up date, deposit is not refundable. In the case of illness or family emergency, where Butter Sugar Bake must cancel an order, a full refund will be provided.

  • ~Covid Care: We know we cannot always control with whom we come in contact; if necessary, we will freeze your cookies up to 2 weeks so you can stay home and rest.   

  • ~Price Adjustments: All prices are subject to change. Prices are often dictated by ingredient costs. I do my best to provide the best tasting cookies and sweets to my clients; which means I can’t honor old pricing - because the local grocery store won’t honor their old flour, sugar prices.

  • ~Copy Cats: Copyrighted images are protected, and I do not replicate them (who wants cookie controversy, right?!) I can make similar color palette though – so… let’s talk! 

  • ~Cottage Food Law in Texas:  Each individually bagged and heat-sealed cookie has a (state-law required) label stating that our products are made in my home kitchen, which is not subject to a state inspection. Bagging your Amazing cookies prevents breakage and maintains them fresh for up to two weeks. Hurray! If you prefer not to have said (state-law required) label, please let us know and your cookies will not be individually bagged. Please keep in mind - cookies not bagged run the risk of breaking. Oh, no!! They will still be Yummy! 

  • ~Payment Submission: Once you have submitted payment (deposit or full payment) you agree to this Terms...           we Thank You!
  • ~Forms of Payment:  Debit and Credit Cards via Square invoice; which is emailed to all customers. We also accept PayPal.  

Safe Practices and Safe Food Service has always been a priority at Butter Sugar Bake, LLC.

My Food Handler's Permit is up to date.

Butter Sugar Bake, LLC is a home based bakery in Richmond, Texas.

Yes, home bakeries are legal in Texas!

We serve the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

Place orders early to secure date!

 See the Pricing, Placing Order page for ordering details. 

Accepted forms of payment - Cash, Check, or PayPal.

*Policies and prices at Butter Sugar Bake, LLC are subject to change at any time.

We operate under the Texas Cottage Food Law.

Texas Baker's Bill 970 and Baker's Bill Act SB 81

For more information on the law, please visit

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Hello! I am ready to make amazing cookies or cupcakes for your celebration.

Let's get these ideas started!

Please include the following information: date of event, theme, colors, quantity needed; for order finalization to proceed smoothly.

 All emails are answered within 24 hours. Closed Sundays.

Thank you for stopping by!


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